Walking in the Woods Keeps Me Grounded

I live in a city, in an apartment building. And yet, not far away, from a couple different directions, I can get to wooded areas. Though I enjoy my urban walks, the times I can be in the quiet of the trees feel the most restorative to me. When I'm in the trees, I turn down my music or podcast, and just listen to the quiet. I hear the sound of my shoes on the ground and the movement of squirrels. Many times of the year I'll hear birds sing. My mind rests as I take it in.

Being able to enjoy that quiet time in the woods and really sense into the balanced energy of the trees, has become very important in my daily life. Resting my mind and absorbing that wood energy keeps me calm and easy-going even through things that would have riled me up in the past. Now I can stay quieter, calmer, and let it flow. I worry and stress about fewer things.

Walking among the trees is just one practice I use to quiet and soothe myself. What helps you?

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