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My story

When my husband and I divorced decades ago, no one used the words “personal integrity” or “living in alignment.” But we were determined to be civil, generous, even loving, and to minimize trauma to our children. And we mostly succeeded—even when my ex-husband remarried. That meant working another parent into the mix, which could have upset our hard-won dynamic and my own identity as my children’s mother. Sure, there were some hard moments, but I held onto the vision that we could co-parent in a healthy way, and that we could raise our kids to feel supported and loved. Here’s what I discovered: that my feelings are the only ones I can control. And that I could choose to be the person I wanted to be in that relationship. Everyone has this strength within them. Sometimes you just need guidance to find it. Today, the practice of Conscious Uncoupling offers a clear path to personal integrity, living in alignment, and not repeating old patterns that have hurt you. I am thrilled to combine my training with my own experience to help others find their way. After training under Katherine Woodward Thomas, author and creator of Conscious Uncoupling, I was certified as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach in April 2020.

Over the summer of 2020, I earned a certificate in the True Love Awakening method also developed by Katherine Woodward Thomas. This method takes you through steps toward a new you, to new ways of being, and living in a brighter future. After aligning with my intention, what I really wanted, I started to live every day just how I wanted. 

From September 2020-February 2021, I attended the Tao of Dana’s School of Intention where I was trained as a  modern Feng Shui consultant. This training deepened my connection to space and  how I live and design my days. I’ve created Intentional Living Feng Shui consultations based on that training where we work with infinite possibility to help you create the life and home you want! Through this training, I've designed my own space to better reflect ME and to support exactly what I want in life. 

A lifelong advocate, I have experience speaking up and making space for other voices. I want to hear your voice. Multicultural, LGBTQ, and anti-racist ally.