It's Time to Connect

From helping you through a divorce or break-up, to figuring your way through something that's been blocking you, to a new design and connection to your home through contemporary Feng Shui, I am here for you! Together we can make big changes in how you feel, think, relate, and live. Let's connect.

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Intentions give us direction


Conscious Uncoupling™ Coaching Package

Breakups, divorce and endings can really shake our world, even if they happened years ago. If you are in an unhappy relationship, deciding to break-up, going through a break-up, or still processing a relationship that ended long ago, I am here for you. As a certified coach, trained by marriage and family therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, I'll lead you through the steps in her Conscious Uncoupling book. You'll read the book week by week, and we'll get you through it in six sessions with integration sessions available


True You Awakening Coaching Package

Let me help you realize your intentions connected to your relationships, your career, or your body and wellness. We'll figure out what's blocking you, and create steps to help you live into what you want. I'll help you name your big intention for your future, help you get unstuck, and move you into that new way of being. Looking at what is possible with curiosity and fresh eyes, we'll get you past whatever is blocking you. We'll start with five sessions in a package and add more as you request.


Modern Feng Shui Consultation 

Sometimes we feel disconnected from our surroundings, our home, even ourselves. Through this practice we'll help you feel grounded, connected, clear on your intention, and loving the place you're in. Working together, we'll move you into your future of possibility in a space you love. To start, you'll send me photos, a short audio story of your life so far, and a survey all about YOU! We'll schedule two 2-hour sessions or do it all at once in a four hour consultation. It's fun and life-changing!



Let's Work Together


Conscious Uncoupling

Endings. Breakups. Divorce. None are happy words. They may bring up profound pain, suffering, sadness, fear, and a sense of deep aloneness. Maybe you are just beginning to face the process of breaking up or divorcing, separating belongings and households. Maybe your relationship ended long ago, and you don’t think or feel like you’re over it yet. She still comes up in your thoughts. Or, you can still hear his voice when you go about your day. Maybe you reach for them in your sleep. Sadness and longing are normal when we go through breakups and divorce. Questioning ourselves and wondering where it all went wrong. Maybe you’re going over your decisions again and again. Maybe you blame yourself, or the other person. You’re having trouble moving on. Maybe you aren’t sure you’ll ever move on. It doesn’t have to be like this. You can get through these feelings. Your feelings, even the hardest of them, don’t have to have you. And, best of all, you can decide it will never happen to you again. Together, we can help you discover new ways of relating and being. New ways of seeing yourself and your future. As a trained and certified coach in the Conscious Uncoupling process created by marriage and family therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, I am here to guide you through all the hard and difficult feelings. Step-by-step, we’ll work together to bring you to a place that feels better, a place where you feel solid and certain within yourself, take responsibility for your own life, and  begin to live into the future of your creation.

Awaken to the True YOU

Ready for a breakthrough? Maybe you're feeling stuck and unclear about what you want. Maybe you've lost steam on some recent projects and you can't quite seem to get going again. Maybe you'd like to explore and set an intention for your love life or another relationship, your career, or your body.  Are you a new parent and wanting to feel centered in your role? Let's work together through the True You Awakening coaching program and get you back on track. Let's get to your breakthrough! 

Modern Feng Shui with Intentions

Our environments not only reflect how we feel, they can stimulate our biggest dreams! Maybe you're ready for a living space that offers comfort and supports you as you begin your new life? As a trained Modern Feng Shui Intentional Living consultant, I am ready to partner with you to create an environment that reflects the true you and the intentions you stand for. You don’t have to move or spend a lot of money on new furniture! Together we will see what’s blocking your potential, discover your true intentions, and explore innovative ways to set-up and design your environment. This consultation is for you if you are open and creative, believe in your own power, are ready to live intentionally in your own energy each day, and want to get un-stuck! We avoid good or bad luck signs or promising specific outcomes. We stay open to infinite possibility! When we’re done with our work, you’ll just be beginning...



Zebra Butterfly

Carrie played a significant role in my journey to authenticity and consciously uncoupling from my husband of 18 years. She was warm, compassionate, never judgmental and helped me to own my own stuff in a way that empowered me to move forward. She helped me to see that I had been giving my power away for years and helped guide me to a place of regaining it and taking control of my life. I highly recommend Carrie and I’m so glad that I met her and went through this series with her! She brought the book to life!

Nicole, Age 42,  NYC